This page will collect information that will be helpful if you want to use this book for teaching. If there are other materials that you know are missing or would like to contribute, please let me know.

Teaching Resources from the Author

Syllabus | Slides | Video

Courses that have used some or all of Bit by Bit

  • Computational Social Science, Princeton University, taught by Matthew Salganik: Syllabus, Slides
  • Information Security, Princeton University, taught by Nick Feamster: Syllabus
  • Perspectives on Computational Analysis, University of Chicago, taught by Richard Evans and Benjamin Soltoff: Syllabus 2017 and Syllabus 2018
  • Sociology in the Age of "Big Data", Yale University, taught by Joscha Legewie.
  • Data: Past, Present, and Future, Columbia University, taught by Matthew Jones and Chris Wiggins: Course materials
  • Knowledge Media Design: Applications in Knowledge Media, University of Toronto, Jeffrey Boase: Syllabus
  • Using Digital Trace Data in the Social Sciences, University of Konstanz, taught by Andreas Jungherr: Syllabus
  • Summer Institute in Computational Social Science, taught by Chris Bail and Matthew Salganik: Slides & Code and Videos
  • Measurement Models and Statistical Computing (POIR 613), University of Southern California, taught by Pablo Barberá: Syllabus
  • Audience Research and Behavior (MCO 436), Arizona State University, taught by K. Hazel Kwon: Syllabus
  • Data Science for Social Research: An Introduction (FES 611a), Yale University, taught by Justin Farrell: Syllabus
  • Digital Research (COMM6320), Chinese University of Hong Kong, taught by Hai Liang: Syllabus
  • Research Methods for a Fragmented Media Environment (COM 801), University of Pennsylvania, taught by Yphtach Lelkes: Syllabus
  • Big Data and Social Science Research in the Digital Age (INTEG 475), University of Waterloo, taught by Paul McLevey: Syllabus
  • Scope and Methods of Political Science (PSC 2101), George Washington University, taught by Adam Hughes: Syllabus
  • Topics in Computational Social Science (CS 718), École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, taught by Robert West: Syllabus
  • Social Data Science, University of Copenhagen, taught by Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen & Snorre Ralund: Syllabus
  • Policy Methods and Practice (GOVT 523), Victoria University of Wellington, taught by Amanda Wolf: Syllabus
  • Brand Insights with Data (J460/560), University of Oregon, taught by David Markowitz: Syllabus
  • Big Data Analysis (MINT078), The Graduate Insitute Geneva, taught by Karsten Donnay: Syllabus
  • Text as Data (Psych 499), University of Southern California, taught by Morteza Dehghani: Syllabus
  • Programming with Data: Social Sciences and Humanities Practicum (DS2001), Northeastern University, taught by Sarah Shugars: Syllabus
  • Mediated Communication (SCI 633), Rutgers University, taught by Katherine Ognyanova: Syllabus
  • Computational Social Sciences Text as Data (Psych/CSCI 626), University of Southern California, taught by Morteza Dehghani: Syllabus
  • Programming with Data (DS2001), Northeastern University, taught by Ieke de Vries: Syllabus
  • Data scraping and text analysis (IDS 707), Duke University, taught by Chris Bail: Syllabus
  • Data Science & Society (Sociol 367S), Duke University, taught by Chris Bail: Syllabus
  • Mathematical Sociology (수리사회학) (SOC2105), Yonsei University, taught by Jeong-han Kang: Syllabus
  • Logic of (Computational) Social Inquiry (771A11 / 771A12), Linköping University, taught by Jacob Habinek: Syllabus
  • Computational Social Science (SISE.5351), Ben-Gurion University, taught by Nir Grinberg: Syllabus
  • Computational Social Science (POL SCI 935), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, taught by Patrick Kraft: Syllabus
  • Topics in Computational Social Science: AI, Data, and Society (CSC2552), University of Toronto, taught by Ashton Anderson: Syllabus
  • Digital methods of social research (3502-SCC-CMBS2), University of Warsaw, taught by Marek Bożykowski, Mikołaj Jasiński, Maja Sawicka: Syllabus
  • Computational Sociology (SOC 576), Rutgers University, taught by Thomas Davidson: Syllabus
  • Introdução a Métodos Computacionais para Ciência Sociais, Fundação Getúlio Vargas, taught by Tiago Ventura: Syllabus
  • Computational Social Science (SOCS 4300/SOCS 5500), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, taught by Han Zhang: Syllabus
  • Special Topics in Data Science - Big Data in Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences (BINF-667), University of Delaware, taught by Fang Fang Chen: Syllabus
  • Computational Social Science, Part A (SOCIOL 273L), UC-Berkeley, taught by David Harding and Kelly Quinn: Syllabus
  • Computational Social Science IIIT-Hyderabad, taught by Ponnurangam Kumaraguru: Syllabus

Other useful resources: